Name is Mel, I'm a third year trainee healer (med student). I'm 22, and just living life up to the med student standards. I'm a potterhead by heart, Drarry shipper, GC padawan (Stéph is my GC master), Trekkie. Spirk, Johnlock, and Drarry, are my otp's. Starkid is my life and support. I love la France quoi ! and everything about that country. Shy, and a true Ravenclaw, book worm, insuferable know-it-all, nerd or geeky as you may say. I just love genetics so much I can't with the FEELINGS the genes give me. I write fanfiction purely because I enjoy the joy of writing them and making people smile :) vu et imprévu
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nothing screams boyfriends more than this



[muffled sob]


man but imagine if karl urban directed the next trek movie (with john cho consulting) 

i mean aside from mccoy inexplicably putting two phasers in his mouth simultaneously, i feel like the movie would really be true to the spirit of star trek


Lets just resurect Gene Roddenberry to direct the next movie, it won’t be hard seeing as into darkness probably already made him role over in his grave

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