Name is Mel, I'm a third year trainee healer (med student). I'm 22, and just living life up to the med student standards. I'm a potterhead by heart, Drarry shipper, GC padawan (Stéph is my GC master), Trekkie. Spirk, Johnlock, and Drarry, are my otp's. Starkid is my life and support. I love la France quoi ! and everything about that country. Shy, and a true Ravenclaw, book worm, insuferable know-it-all, nerd or geeky as you may say. I just love genetics so much I can't with the FEELINGS the genes give me. I write fanfiction purely because I enjoy the joy of writing them and making people smile :) vu et imprévu
{ Hogwarts }


season 1 picard: how do we contemplate the powers of the Q being? do we dare oppose it?

season 2-7 picard: get the fuck off my bridge or so help me


Ugh. Just. Spock. Broad shoulders and slim waist in a uniform tailored to his body the way his regular ‘verse uniform is not. A cut chosen to accent the angle of his shoulders blades and the shallow curve from shoulder to hip. A uniform designed to keep straight when he holds his hand behind his back. Somehow that haircut is more serious in mirror!verse. Maybe it’s the goatee. Makes the hair cut more seriouser. This Spock is sculpted to finesse and angles and solid planes. A solid, unshakable presentation. He’s prepared for his violent, aggressive Captain to take the chair. To lash out. Strike and cut and disassemble into individual atoms. And this sweet Jim Kirk just wants to know why the heck he’s got a beard. 

Bones has round cards. It must be the future